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Pivotal/Tanzu Labs

We don’t have traditional command-and-control line management structures within Pivotal/Tanzu Labs. We have coaching managers. They help our people get to where they want to go in their careers.

We believe that the most valuable feedback we can get along that journey comes from our peers — the people that we work with day in, day out. Our managers help us get that feedback from our peers, and encourage us to give those same peers the feedback they need, too.

Everyone who joins Pivotal/Tanzu Labs has one-on-ones scheduled with their manager. Our managers help us with all of the questions we have about the expectations set forth in these articles, because we use this very learning series for our own onboarding.

Our managers work with us to understand where we’re at in our careers, and help us come up with a plan for where we want to be. They help us get the books we recommend, and connect us with other amazing people that we should meet and pair with. They show us how to give back ❤️ beyond just our immediate pairs, projects, and teams. They connect us to the global community at Pivotal/Tanzu Labs.

Most importantly, our managers are there with us for our journey, every step of the way.