We Specialize (in craft)

Pivotal/Tanzu Labs

Before you read this section, we want to emphasize this: we don’t expect anyone to know everything described here day one.

Craft isn’t something we either know or don’t know – craft is a lifelong process. It’s a combination of skills, experiences, and wisdom that grows day over day, year over year — and remember, we’re all on this journey together.

Each discipline might specialize in their craft differently. Learn about:

  • Craft For Engineers
  • Craft For Product Designers (coming soon).
  • Craft For Product Managers (coming soon).

We must hone our craft responsibly. We all teach each other our craft, and improve our craft based not only on our experiences, but the experiences of others. We lean on each other for guidance and wisdom when we’re unsure if a design pattern, architecture, metric, or UX flow is appropriate.