How Pivotal/Tanzu Labs Works and Why

9 lessons


Why are we talking about this?

Pivotal/Tanzu Labs has a long history of doing things a little differently. We also have a 30-year reputation as being one of the most innovative, reliable, and agile software services organizations around. The secret to our success is our different way of thinking. But really, it isn’t so different, and it isn’t a secret. We think our way of doing things is pretty straight forward if you follow a few guiding principles.

Thus, we’re writing it all down and telling the world all about it. We hope that you will also see how we approach is achievable, and we also hope many people and organizations will adopt some, or all, of these ideas themselves.

It’s not all about consulting

Our approach to how we work is the same regardless of whether we’re working with clients or with each other. Though we do talk a bit about how we approach consulting and working with clients, our principles are applicable to all product and services teams in all industries.