Persona Ecosystem Map

Persona Ecosystem Map

Help the team understand how the primary persona interacts with all other personas



Suggested Time

30-45 min


Stakeholders & project team members

Why do it?

This activity helps the team understand who the different groups of users are and what their relationships look like. The more interconnected users there are, the more useful this activity becomes.

When to do it?

After the goals for the project / consulting engagement have been covered, when the team is beginning to dive deeper into the details of the problem space

What supplies are needed?

  • Whiteboard or digital version like Miro
  • Dry erase markers

How to Use this Method

Sample Agenda & Prompts

  1. Draw the primary persona on the whiteboard

    Tip: If necessary, you can split into groups first

  2. For each additional persona, draw:

    • A person
    • Their name
    • Write what keeps them up at night or a sentence that describes their goal
  3. Draw arrows connecting other personas that work with the primary persona

    Tip: If desired, clarify the relationships by using verbs with arrows like “supports”, “reports to”, or “is supported by”

Success/Expected Outcomes

The team has a shared understanding of all the users, what they care about, and how they relate to one another