Swift Monolith Modernization

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Why is this important?

Existing applications with a long history are hard to change. Many large modernization projects have failed for years to bring existing applications and their ecosystems to our modern, cloud-native world.

This learning path concentrates on the Swift method helping to effectively and quickly start modernizing existing monolithic applications or build highly scalable applications. Created within Pivotal/Tanzu Labs by Shaun Anderson, this opinionated method proved to be high value in dozens of modernization projects.

Who is this learning path for?

This learning path is mainly for software engineers, architects, and product managers involved in the construction of modern applications.

Managers, designers, and other non-technical stakeholders may also find this learning path valuable to understand this unique approach to modern apps.

What you will learn

You will be able to understand and explain the practical steps to applying the Swift method.

Each section in this learning path provides details on specific skills or technologies and includes good practices and links to complementary material.

This learning path is adequate preparation for teams that will start pairing with Lab engineers on a Pivotal/Tanzu Labs Swift engagement.

This learning path is currently being elaborated. Expect more updates soon.