Modern Application Development Rhythm

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Why is this important?

Software engineering practices have never evolved at such a rapid pace as they are today. New frameworks, practices, and technologies keep emerging, while bringing new concepts and increased complexity of software.

Much has changed in how the developer works to build new features and fix bugs, while moving quickly, safely, and sustainably.

This learning path teaches the software engineering fundamentals that Pivotal/Tanzu Labs developers use in their daily work.

Developer Rhythm

Who is this learning path for?

This learning path is for software engineers and other technical development team members involved in the construction of modern applications.

Managers, designers, and other non-technical stakeholders may also find this learning path useful for understanding how modern application developers do their daily work.

What you will learn

You will be able to identify and explain some of the key principles, practices, tools and technologies that are used to build modern applications.

Each section in this learning path provides details on specific skills or technologies, and includes links to related information.

This learning path is an adequate preparation for engineers that will pair with Lab engineers on Tanzu Services engagements.