Pivotal Workstation Setup Scripts

Pivotal Workstation Setup is a tool that automates the process of setting up a new Mac OS X software development machine using simple Bash scripting. It heavily relies on homebrew.


Find this tool on GitHub at https://github.com/pivotal/workstation-setup


The primary goal of this project is to give people a simple script they can run to make their Mac OS X machine prepared and standardized for working on software development projects, especially those common at Pivotal/Tanzu Labs.


This project does not aim to do everything. Some examples:

  • We don’t install everything that your project needs. These scripts should only install generally useful things, and prefer running quickly over being complete.
  • We avoid setting up and maintaining overly-custom configurations. When there is already a tool that will get us something in a conventional manner, such as Oh My Zsh, we prefer to use it instead of doing things ourselves.

Why did we do it this way?

  • A bash script is easy for users to edit locally on-the-fly for small temporary tweaks
  • Everything is in one repository
  • The project name is informative
  • It is easy to fork and customize
  • It has limited requirements: git and bash available on macOS by default

This tool is currently maintained by Joe Moore.